Dior Homme hosted a wondrous and immersive evening transporting guests back to 1950s America, exploring in depth the theme of the brand’s AW22 collection - the Beat Generation. Set at 14 Cavendish, a derelict yet grand townhouse in Central London, guests were invited inside the private home of the Beat Writers to experience a decadent, clandestine gathering. Every room in the house was filled with books and intriguing memorabilia from the time. Groovy musical performances conducted by live bands animated the evening, while delicious food and cocktails were served by Cellar Society.

I produced a series of 14 posters, each at 3 different scales which were then wheatpasted in several locations & aged to fit in with the era. I also made 3 paintings for various spaces in the house, 2 of which were over 6m tall.

Creative Production: My Beautiful City

Lead Designer: Mariana Cunha Guimarães

Dior (c/o MBC)