Scratching Neither Side of the Mind: A Ghastly Celebration of Irreverence — I filmed this in my AirBnB in Maida Vale. I think the owner nearly kicked me out, but I promise I cleaned up all my mess when I was done. The Bread Vase — One of the best things I’ve ever done. I’d compare it to the “Comedian” (banana taped to the wall) in its elegant simplicity. Just Flowers stuck into a loaf of Bread. It receives a lot of “Why didn’t I think of that?” type reactions. Jony Ive’s cousin came for a tour & took a picture of it. Very proud of this one despite it being really simple. Fish^2 — Henrietta, the Beta fish (Rest in Peace), was pretty easy to buy, but trying to buy a large salmon head, with the spine still attached, received a lot of strange looks. Ingredients — Crushed Pomegranates. Melted Wax. Pearl Onions. Halved Pears. Raw Leg of Lamb. Blackcurrants. Wine. Bread Vase. Live fish. Dead Fish. Dead Plants. Soil Everywhere.

Scratching Neither Side of the Mind